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Anonymous asked: You're fabulous

No, no I’m not.

posted 9 hours ago
Anonymous asked: i love you

I. Don’t. Believe. You.

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Anonymous asked: Please, love. Don't do it. You can keep going. I know you can.

I can’t keep going anymore

posted 18 hours ago

I can’t even do anything right now, I can’t even concentrate on the song I’m listening to….

posted 19 hours ago
Anonymous asked: Please don't be the one to end your life <3 please, please don't kill yourself <3333

I will be the one to end my life.

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Anonymous asked: Please don't die <3

i will though, maybe not tonight or tomorrow, but soon i will end my life on my own terms.

posted 1 day ago
Anonymous asked: I'm solid that life sucks <3

life is something i don’t want to do anymore

posted 1 day ago

❝ Well, I know you lay in bed, contemplating your own death. ❞

— Don’t You Dare Forget The Sun ~ Get Scared
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I want to fucking die.

kill me

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